Introducing Hormesis Productions!
Introducing Hormesis Productions! Alex Fraige & Mikko Huttunen are making a full length feature film about paintball, and they've brought on brilliant minds such as Patrick Spohrer and David Quittman to help out. They'll be using some next level techniques...
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Is Paintball Recession Proof?
Is paintball a game for wealthy people? Can it be affected by a financial crisis, or are the players of the game too wealthy for it to really matter? Shop the Paintball Nerd Store
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The Paintball Success Formula Revealed!
What do all the top players have in common? How do you reach the top? After talking and observing the elite in paintball, we've identified the formula. Introducing the BAR system!  #paintball #propaintball #paintballnerd #icpl #icplpaintball #nxl #nxlpaintball Shop the Paintball...
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