10-man paintball - The format that forged paintball’s legends

10-man paintball - The format that forged paintball’s legends

The legends of this game were forged in the fires of an all but expired format.

20 years ago, the highest level of competition in paintball became x-ball, a fast past game on a condensed field with the marker arms race at its pinnacle. Most of the game’s legends all but disappeared from competition.

Today, we are witnessing the resurgence of the format that forged paintball’s legends, and as a result, those very legends have returned to competitive paintball. For many of them, it is a gift with powerful nostalgia.

For those that only started playing within the last 20 years, it is an opportunity to compete against the legends they have only heard about in paintball’s stories of yesteryear.

Although x-ball is required to push the envelope of a player’s physical limitations and create a standard for the highest level of paintball competition, 10-man has earned its place as the game’s bedrock.



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