Big changes coming to the NXL for 2022?

Big changes coming to the NXL for 2022?

How many teams will the NXL have in the pro bracket? Will anyone get relegated? Will we see teams come from Europe? Will there be events held overseas? What is in store for the future of NXL?

We have heard rumors that there will be 24 teams next year in the pro bracket. So who get’s relegated? If this is true, no one! We’ve heard 2 teams from Europe are coming over to the NXL. Which ones will they be? We’ve also heard there will be 4 major events again with three 7-man minors (open division). We may see Vegas come back and Philly may turn into a minor. Time will tell, and if it doesn’t, someone else will! What changes would you like to see in the NXL? Let us know in comments.

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  • Christopher Madore

    This is exciting news… personally I feel at the Pro level it should be ran just like other Pro Sports. Where the Pro teams have their own fields and also have Pro Team from every State. Have they same format internationally then take the top 2 teams from each league and actually have a world cup to dual out for World Champion. IE NFC/AFC and the National/American.
    You could potentially do this for all formats (7-man, 10-man X-Ball)… I know there is a lot of individuals who will disagree but when the NFL or MLB where introduced I don’t believe the league founders could of ever dreamed what they have created today.
    Side note: we NEED Pro Players and a Professional Organization for the sport to grow, no matter the format.

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