Outlaws selling their pro spot after Cup

Outlaws selling their pro spot after Cup

Trademygun Outlaws have decided to sell their pro spot after World Cup. Who picks it up? It’s rumored to be the Wild Dogs out of Latin America. What do you think of this move?

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  • Bill

    A couple of the Wild Dogs were picked up by the Russians this year and got spins. IMO, if it’s not going to 24 (which I would like) I want the Ton Tons taking the spot. They can step in a compete right away.

  • P Cally

    Wouldn’t this just relegate the last pro team out of the NXL and the 1st place semi pro team take their spot? This would be a “lucrative” loss for TMG but would even out the turnover of bottom tier teams. Yes the Wild Dogs showed in 1 event they can compete in the Pro Division, but from a common observer it’s hard watch non pro teams try to beat the best.

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