KAPP Factory Revival

KAPP Factory Revival

The ICPL 10 man season has concluded and as most of you know, KAPP Factory are the champions. 

Now, using the name KAPP Factory is an interesting choice, because factories make things - What are you going to make, KAPP?!

KAPP was a popular manufacturer of guns and accessories in the late 90’s and their factory team gave us talents such as Ryan Greenspan, Alex Fraige, and Oliver Lang. Although the company hasn’t made anything in several years, their name is alive and well due to the 10-man team’s performance in the mechanical leagues, which is composed mainly of retired pros. KAPP is currently owned by someone very active in the paintball community. We tried to go to the website, and it looks like the domain is parked!

So, this begs the questions: Will we see a revival of the beloved KAPP brand? Our sources tell us that a KAPP revival has been talked about and we may see a revival of the famous manufacturer.

Nothing has been confirmed, but it would be cool to see a KAPP comeback, and it would make sense to take advantage of the team’s success in the mechanical 10-man league. 

Would you like to see a revival of the KAPP DropZone 2? How about the KAPP cocker? What do you think they would make?

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